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Architectural Practice:
Jayant Sinari Architects is an architectural firm with high reputation, practising in India from 1989 till date, having offices in Parabhadevi, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Under the leadership of Architect Jayant Sinari, the firm has completed various number of prestigious projects for Corporates and Government. We have handled various types of work with high level of professionalism and carrying out the project from concept to completion. Our designs are award winning and innovative.

We share excellent working relationship with many reputed architects and complimentary professionals. We have complete team of Associates for completing successful projects such as Acoustical, HVAC - Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Electrical, Landscape Consultants, Conservation Experts, Structural Engineers for Multistoried and Special Structures, Structural Labs.

He has expertise in execution of projects within time schedule and budget. He gives excellent designs and incorporates modern construction technology in the design. He adheres to all Government rules and gives maximum advantage to the client. He believes in economy, architectural function, construction strength and aesthetic beauty.

He has inherited reputed Architectural firm known as "Design Collaboration" (1964 t0 1989). The Architectural Partners were his father Architect Shyam Sinari, Architect Joseph Desa and Anil Majthia.

Architectural Training:
Graduated from Academy of Architecture and registered in Council of Architecture, Membership with PEATA (Practising Engineers, Architects & Town Planners)and Institute of Valuers & IIA.

He has been felicitated by Late President of India Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma for the proposals of beautification of Mumbai.

Though he is in sync with modern technology, he also believes in old conservative values in combining the two. He believes that concepts such as transparency, information and communication should be combined with honesty, culture and morale.

Jayant Sinari Architect Jayant Sinari

Jayant Sinari Profile