Jayant Sinari Architect

IGBC Green New Buildings Rating System
Points taken into consideration are as follows:

I. Sustainable Architecture and Design
  1. Integrated design approach
  2. Site Preservation
  3. Passive Architecture
II. Site Selection and Planning
  1. Local building regulations
  2. Soil erosion control
  3. Natural Topography or Vegetation
  4. Preservation or transplantation of trees
  5. Heat Island reduction, Roof and Non-roof
  6. Outdoor light pollution reduction
  7. Universal design
  8. Green Building Guidelines
III. Water Conservation
  1. Rainwater harvesting, roof and non-roof
  2. Water efficient Plumbing fixtures
  3. Landscape design
  4. Management of irrigation systems
  5. Waste water treatment and reuse
IV. Energy Efficiency
  1. Ozone Depleting Substances
  2. Minimum Energy Efficiency
  3. Commissioning Plan for Building Required Equipment & Systems
  4. Eco-friendly Refrigerants
  5. Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  6. On-site Renewable Energy
  1. Off-site Renewable Energy
  2. Commissioning, Post-installation of Equipment & Systems
  3. Energy Metering and Management
V. Building Materials and Resources
  1. Segregation of Waste, Post-occupancy
  2. Sustainable Building Materials
  3. Organic Waste Management, Post-occupancy
  4. Handling of Waste Materials, During Construction
  5. Use of Certified Green Building Materials, Products & Equipment
VI. Indoor Environmental Quality
  1. Minimum Fresh Air Ventilation
  2. Tobacco Smoke Control
  3. CO2 Monitoring
  4. Day lighting
  5. Outdoor Views
  6. Minimize Indoor and Outdoor Pollutants
  7. Low-emitting Materials
  8. Occupant Well-being Facilities
  9. Indoor Air Quality Testing, After Construction and Before Occupancy
  10. Indoor Air Quality Management, During Construction
VII. Innovation and Development
  1. Innovation in Design Process
  2. Optimization in Structural Design
  3. Waste Water Reuse, During Construction
  4. IGBC Accredited Professional